Connected Screening

Controlling your climate by connected knowledge

The Connected Screening module connects the advanced software of the Hoogendoorn Growth Management iSii process computer with the wide range of Svensson climate screens to allow full control over humidity transfer, light transmission and energy savings.

Field research within Plant Empowerment, shows that the highest crop yields are achieved under double layer energy screens and completely closed screens (without moisture gaps). However, in practice this is often hard to realize due to a mismatch of screen characteristics, or inefficient use of climate control. This leads to an unstable greenhouse climate, with as a consequence an increase in pests and diseases that negatively affects crop quality and yields. Hoogendoorn and Svensson respond to these needs with the new screening software Connected Screening, developed specifically for the iSii process computer.

Controlling your climate by connecting knowledge
The Connected Screening software is a technology and knowledge cross-over between Svensson, the market leader in climate screens, and Hoogendoorn, worldwide innovator in horticultural automation. The Connected Screening software calculates the effects of top ventilation and (double) screen(s) on humidity transfer, energy savings and transmission of light and outgoing long wave radiation, based on the Svensson screen characteristics and position. With this control on accurate data growers can achieve an optimal growth at humidity and radiation levels that makes crops more resilient at fully closed screen conditions. It enables growers to achieve a homogeneous climate, higher crop yields and up to 20% extra energy savings. Data is presented at a glance via a custom-made visualization and weekly report.

Thanks to knowledge exchange and innovation, Connected Screening allows all the benefits of Plant Empowerment, resulting in healthier crops, with higher yields, needing less energy input.


Double layer screening without a moisture gap leads to a more stable tempereature and homogenous climate in the greenhouse. As a bonus, this also saves energy.


When the screen allows for humidity transfer, you do not need a moisture gap. This results in extra savings and good evaporation, a homogeneous climate and less use of pesticides. 


Connected Screening calculates the light transmission of the used screen, e.g. the percentage of light that reaches the crop with one, or two screens.


Connected Screening ensures a more homogenous climate, which enables better CO2 uptake. In addition, when screening without moisture gaps less CO2 is lost.

Hoogendoorn is known as the most innovative supplier of process automation solutions in the horticultural industry. For over 50 years we have been striving to optimize greenhouse climate, increase crop yields and manage costs and risks in greenhouse horticulture. Our automation solutions contribute to the sustainable use of water and energy and are available in several languages. Hoogendoorn products are supported with our customer portal Hoogendoorn Online, user training, 24/7 helpdesk and reliable maintenance service. These services are provided via our local offices and worldwide partner network.

Svensson is the pioneer and world leader in climate control and energy efficiency through textile-based solutions. The business started in the 1970s with a vision to transform and improve conditions for the professional cultivation of vegetables and flowers in greenhouses. Svensson has since revolutionized the industry with a range of innovative solutions. Today, our functional climate screens control humidity, temperature and UV radiation, creating excellent conditions for better and greater production in greenhouses all over the world.

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